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Textile and Print Design

This blog is about textile and print design in fashion. About finding inspiration everywhere around. About being inspired by little things, about having fun with print design.


Premiere Vision Paris Feb.2022

Premiere Vision Paris!! I was there!! Attending the show as a visitor Two days Paris – what felt like a dream after ages of not travelling abroad because of Covid. I took all my courage (it felt so strange travelling with all the restrictions and my bad conscience about taking the risk.) just booked a…

Intuitive print development

As I am a big fan of inspiration, mood boards, and having a story behind the design. I also think it is very fun to design prints intuitively when your in the mood, picking up things in your mind as you go when you are in the flow of designing and making. I think it’s…

10 tips on inspiration for print development during lockdown

Here are 10 tipps from me how to get inspired and do research for print design ideas when you feel low or you need some motivation on getting creative in times of lockdown. I hope you are all keeping up and stying strong. I have times where I am very inspired to make a lot…

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