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10 tips on inspiration for print development during lockdown

Here are 10 tipps from me how to get inspired and do research for print design ideas when you feel low or you need some motivation on getting creative in times of lockdown. I hope you are all keeping up and stying strong. I have times where I am very inspired to make a lot of print designs. I have days where I am not inspired at all. Especially now during the second lockdown here in Germany I am not as easily inspired by my surroundings as I used to be, because I am very much at home, going for walks, not travelling and not seeing many people. I find myself being inspired by little things and photographs that I make. Here a small list for you of things that help me get inspired :).

  1. looking out for little things when going for a walk, maybe a beautiful garden or maybe changing your usual walking route
  2. looking for little items in your flat/room for example things that you previously bought from a flee market (I am guilty of having a lot of cute little things from flea markets)
  3. finding beautiful flowers on your family’s balcony or during your walk
  4. making photographs and or drawings of these items
  5. looking at old photography, probably you allready have a lot of pictures from flowers that you can use to draw of to make a print or that you can use for a mood board
  6. make mood boards to catch the mood of your next print
  7. look at your previous work and be proud of yourself how you developed and what artwork you allready achieved
  8. watch skillshare videos for example on the new illustrator on ipad or for pro create
  9. don’t beat yourself up if you need some rest or a break from being productive
  10. have fun and don’t stress yourself when you need a break 🙂

Let me know if you found any of these tipps helpful. I have put some print design development pages for you to see how I combined photographs for a mood board and how I transformed two photographs into digital placed prints on procreate. Underneath there are some examples of detailled photography that inspires me for prints and one picture of my sketchbook of a flower photograph that inspired me once in my design process.

What are your tips for inspiration in lockdown? How have you been keeping yourself motivated? Let me know in the comments.


Published by essentialsurface

I am a Textile & Print Designer creating print designs for womenswear. On this blog, I want to give insights on my projects, inspiration, my creative process when I develop prints and collections and help others to break into the textile and print industry with giving helpful tips about print licensing and working Freelance.

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