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Intuitive print development

As I am a big fan of inspiration, mood boards, and having a story behind the design. I also think it is very fun to design prints intuitively when your in the mood, picking up things in your mind as you go when you are in the flow of designing and making. I think it’s always helpful to make a mood board afterwards to have a reference if it’s for a special project. What I find important in the process is to have one core design from which you have multiple versions so it forms into a collection. This also helps if you want to have a print set for clients or for print licensing.

I find myself usually working with florals very intuitively on Procreate or sometimes on paper as well, it really really depends on what kind of mood I am. Do you have the same experience with florals?

These are some insights into my design process from the other evening.

On the first few pictures you can see the florals and elements I drew in Procreate and just copying florals, changing colours, experimenting how the setting looks good and finally turning the elements to a few versions of illustrations and into repeat prints.

What inspires you in your print design process? Do you always have a specific inspiration or do you go along with the flow and design intuitively?


Published by essentialsurface

I am a Textile & Print Designer creating print designs for womenswear. On this blog, I want to give insights on my projects, inspiration, my creative process when I develop prints and collections and help others to break into the textile and print industry with giving helpful tips about print licensing and working Freelance.

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